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Advantech ADAM - Double Security Prevents Being Hacked

Advantech’s ADAM remote I/O modules have been used by industry for over 25 years. New product offerings and latest technology updates continue to fulfill an increasingly diverse range of applications. With RFID and USB technology, users have additional options for configuration and inspection, even when unpowered. Additionally, for larger network infrastructures, ADAM Ethernet-based remote I/O modules use SNMP and MQTT to enhance communication efficiency.

Solution to visualize on-line equipment monitoring

  • Cloud/Database Access: Supports SQL, Azure, AWS and IBM Cloud
  • Data Visualization: Built-in programmable dashboard
  • Data Transmission: Supports MQTT, Modbus protocols and RESTful API
  • Data Analysis & Logic Control: Node-RED / C programming for local decisions
  • Data Collection: On-board & remote I/O via RS-485/Ethernet
Advantech ADAM - 25 Features

Want to Prevent Being Hacked?


Intelligence - Easy Coding Plus Visualization

Node-RED for Simple and Flexible Graphical Programming


  • Drag and drop functional nodes to activate project.
  • Users can visualize the real-time data on the built-in dashboard remotely.


Advantech ADAM

Target Application - Factory Management

ADAM-6700 can monitor equipment operations and health status in real-time, thereby improving overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and planned predictive maintenance.

Machine Status



Predictive Maintenance

Target Application - Energy and Environment Management

ADAM-6700 series can read changes in air pressure, water quality, and levels in real-time for water cycles, wastewater, and air pollution management. Also, the power on/off status of residences, campuses, and factories can all be controlled to manage power-consumption through visualized attributes like distribution, comparison, and user behaviors.

Water / Wastewater

Air / Gas

Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency